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Students enrolled in the CEILS programme and in the five-year curriculum in Law have the opportunity to access the tutoring service provided by senior tutor students, who are annually selected by means of specific calls.

Tutor students may also be contacted for a possible appointment out of the office hours at the following e-mail address: tutor-giurisprudenza [at] unitn.it.

Tutoring is a free support-service offered by the Faculty of Law to the students enroled in the first years of university in order to provide them with the necessary support in the academic life, in the access to the services and to the administrative procedures of the Faculty, the University and the Opera Universitaria Offices. The support is offered in English to international students.


What is tutoring?

It is a service that aims to provide students enrolled at the University of Trento with the necessary assistance for the whole duration of their study, in order to promote the active participation in the academic life, to remove potential obstacles and to cope with possible individual challenges. The service also helps retrieve information about time-tables, text books, study plans, exam sessions, the organization and programming of studying. .

Who is it for?

For all the newly-enroled students of the programmes offered by the University of Trento.

Who can become a tutor?

Students enroled in a Master’s Degree programme, in the fourth or subsequent year of a single-cycle programme, or in a PhD programme can apply to become tutors.