The students' representatives are:

  • giulia.balestrieri [at] (Giulia Clara Balestrieri)
  • chiara.bifolchetti [at] (Chiara Bifolchetti)
  • vincenzo.coccoluto [at] (Vincenzo Coccoluto)
  • aurora.dematteis [at] (Aurora De Matteis)
  • gabriele.difazio [at] (Gabriele Di Fazio)
  • gaia.fazio [at] (Gaia Fazio)
  • carlotta.lubian [at] (Carlotta Lubian)
  • luca.lusiardi [at] (Luca Lusiardi)
  • francesca.marsella [at] (Francesca Marsella)
  • luciavirginia.ori [at] ">Lucia Virginia Ori
  • luca.pistore [at] (Luca Pistore)
  • riccardo.sidoti [at] (Riccardo Sidoti)
  • agnese.tumicelli [at] (Agnese Tumicelli)
  • benedetta.vicinanza [at] (Benedetta Vicinanza)

Students are invited to contact their representatives through the bulletin board located at the entrance of the faculty or via email or at this email: rapp.stud.jus [at] ">rapp.stud.jus [at]